This isn’t about me, except in how it’s about all of us

So something awful happened, over the last few weeks and months. Bloggers and readers were scammed into supporting a “new author”. Yesterday, the deception was revealed by, and the reading/writing community banded together to figure out just how deep this went. Today, a tweet by Angela James led me to Teresa Mummert’s site where the deception was mapped out in a crazy infographic. And then I realized that, in a little tiny way, I was connected to this drama. Because I joined the Sexy Romance to connect with readers willing to do early reviews of new books.

And the reviews I got were thoughtful and considered, and honest. Above all else, I truly feel like the readers and other writers in this group were innocent in all of this. I know this in my gut because yesterday there was a thread about Amazingly Broken, full of comments about how to request a refund. That thread is now gone. It didn’t occur to me at the time to take a screen capture of it.

So here’s a screen cap of my posting Teresa’s blogpost to the group. I hope it stays up, but as “Beth” is a group moderator, I’m not holding my breath.






Update July 7, 2013: 

Sure enough, that thread was deleted (or frozen? I’m not clear on the details behind the scenes), and then “Beth” disappeared, only be replaced by Laura Donovan, who wasn’t an active member previously, and had a limited and very private account. Then she disappeared, and looooong story short, the group has been disbanded and a new, more open group without a crazy secret marketing agenda has been formed: Some Like It Hot!

Here’s a thread on that groups discussion page that explains a lot:—what-really-happened

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  1. WritingVirginia says:

    I got an invite to join that group whenever it first started, I don’t *think* I’ve paid much attention to it until now. It’s kinda hard to manage so many different social mediums AND write, you know? Anyway, absolutely this thing is just mind blowing, on a million different levels; but as an Indie author, it’s most upsetting because of how much more difficult it will make for us to prove our worth and get our work reviewed. When things like this happen, it makes bloggers and reviewers that much more skeptical about potentially wasting their time looking at somebody who’s new to the scene.

    So, while the drama of this whole debacle is entertaining to watch unfold, the whole WTFery about it is really hitting closer to home than I’d imagined because I’m sitting here wondering what legit newbies can do in order to stand out in a sea of people who may be doing exactly what Teresa described in her blog post. Holy run on sentence. Anyway, that’s the question on my mind. How to legitimize ourselves when scumbags like this are making it difficult for anyone to know who is real and who is fake.

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