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A Book Boyfriend Quiz!

This one is for any romance reader looking for her next Navy SEAL romance read, or a small town romance novel, but you aren’t sure which book to pick up.

Good news is, I write both of those things! And I put four reader favourite options into this brand new romance novel quiz, with eight easy-to-answer questions that will deliver you a customized reading suggestion at the end.


Take the Quiz now: Must-Read Small Town Romances

This is a best of my military romance novels list, a mix of swoon-worthy small town romance (The Kincaids series from Pine Harbour, or something from the OG Pine Harbour series?) and some Navy SEAL romance books, too.

And if you are curious about the quiz, I made it using Interact. The image came from their integrated search of the Unsplash catalogue, and I really love it, so full credit to the photographer Brooke Cagle.