Wild at Heart

Everyone in Pine Harbour likes Will Kincaid—except Catie Berton.

And Catie is the one person Will cares more about impressing than any other resident of their small town, for reasons he can’t quite put his finger on.

Now she’s joined the search and rescue team, and they spend every Thursday night glaring at each other. Getting in each other’s way. But sometimes they find themselves teaming up, unexpectedly, and by the time the SRT goes on a road trip to a competition, Catie is in the passenger seat of Will’s truck.

Catie has a very long list of reasons why the high school principal is an arrogant jerk. But the more time they spend together, another list starts to develop: all the secret ways Will is actually kind of nice, too. Their road trip up north is a chance to turn their rivalry into something more like friendship—as long as Catie can keep a lid on her secret crush. Because her feelings for Will have always been something like, “right crush, wrong guy”, and she doesn’t want to re-bruise that old attraction.

Not when Will is Pine Harbour’s golden boy, and Catie is the outsider who knows all too well just how cold a small town can be to a woman who wants too much happiness.

Release date: September 28, 2021

This is the third book in the Kincaids of Pine Harbour series. Also available: Reckless at Heart and Fierce at Heart.