All That They Desire

Jessica Doran needs a date who will make her husband—her ex-husband, she needs to remind herself—incredibly jealous. Evan West will do nicely, even if the charismatic winery owner runs the risk of being too much of a good thing. Too hot, too kind, too ruthlessly honest about wanting to take her to bed.

Brent Doran misses his wife. Desperately. But they separated for a reason, and he’s not ready to deal with those complicated feelings yet. Not even if Evan drags it out of him. 

Evan wants Jess. And he wants Brent. And he wants, most of all, for Brent and Jess to sort their problems out so the three of them can have a lot of fun before he waltzes into the sunset. Because the one thing that Evan West doesn’t do is fall in love.

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